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Efflorescence paint problems interior and exterior

Understanding Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a term to describe mineral salts that appear on the surface of substrates caused by moisture migrating through it. The problem can occur on interior and exterior painting work. The moisture causes the surface to have paint failure in the forms of peeling, cracking, blistering or crystal like substance forming on the surface. An adequate amount of moisture is required for the alkaline salts to appear on the surface of the substrate, once the moisture evaporates the crystalline salts are left behind.

Efflorescence can only stop forming when the cause of the moisture ingress is cured. Otherwise it will continue to cause paint failure. If using coatings that contain moisture barrier properties without curing the underlying moisture issue; it can cause the issue to intensify, relocate or spread, causing a much sever problem. Once the moisture cause is cured preparation for a paint system can begin. The area should be prepared by an experienced professional who will have all affected paint removed. The salts will then be removed using a dry stiff bristle brush or using hessian. The substrate is then cleaned using a mild solution of acetic acid and left to dry. Once the surface area has a moisture content below 10%, a suitable paint system will be followed. Usually an appropriate primer that is alkali resisting will be applied. In very severe cases a commercial grade calcium chloride solution may be required.

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