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wood work in decay

Wet Rot
Damaged woodwork that needs repair

Understanding Substrates

All substrates require different methods of application and product to ensure they have adequate protection and the correct quality lasting finish. If a substrate does not have the correct products applied in the correct method the finish will fail and the work will require completing again. If the correct painting process is not followed using the correct products, occasionally the surface and finish may look fine; however it will not take long before this deteriorates and will not last the length of time it should.

woodwork treated for decay

Repairing Wood
Following correct processes to repair wooden timber

Repairing and Application

There are so many different products on the market that offer different benefits, it is now rather difficult for the average person to know what products may best suit their needs. Fresh Start Decorators can help advise what products are best suited; however the overall decision will be that of the customer. It is important to remember the smaller things, for instance, wood preserve, knotting and primer; can have such a detrimental impact on the finish of the work. Not only is the correct painting products, sundries and application important, but the actual preparation of the substrates. If there are issues present that are not dealt with such as bleeding, blistering, mould or efflorescence, painting failure will not take very long to show.

repaired and painted woodwork

Surface Repaired
Painted surface after being repaired correctly

True Cost, Saving or Value

Fresh Start Decorators will NOT cut corners to secure work by providing a low price knowing the work will not last. The price we provide will be for the correct method of work required, using the correct materials required. This is what ensures the work we complete lasts and ensures our customers return and recommend us. When comparing our price to another company, please check to confirm the same application methods and products are being used. If not, why not? Don't be concerned over asking Fresh Start Decorators or other businesses questions about their chosen methods. It is your home or business, you will be living or working their, you deserve to know the correct process is being used and the work wont fail.

various paint in different finishes

Trade Paint
Retail paints or trade paints

Why choose Trade paint over Retail

All paint is not the same, it isn’t just the brand, colour or finish that differentiates them. An important factor, that many people do not know; and even some sales reps lack the understanding of, is the volume solid content of paint and also the paint pigments used. The solid content, is the content of paint that is left on a substrate after the water or solvent has evaporated. It has an important impact on the quality and life span of a job. Without understanding these factors, it is not possible to obtain adequate coverage, true costs and overall quality. Some trade paints can cost five times more than a cheaper retail paint, but retail versions will contain more water or solvent and poor pigments; meaning more coats and more labour. Next time you shop, think; maybe the cheaper option isn’t the best value after all?